This is my website. I’m Niall Grimes, and you’re you.

I’m a writer, talker, podcaster and climber born in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1968 and resident, since 1991, in Sheffield. I write articles, tell stories, make videos and publish books mainly around the act and culture of climbing.

I’ve had work published in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Germany, Facebook and Twitter. I’ve written an autobiography, but not my own, and have created a number of guidebooks to climbing areas in UK. I have won the Grand Prize at an international book festival. I featured in Hard Grit, one of the most popular climbing videos of all time, although the movie you most likely know me for is the seminal How To Sneak Into The Climbing Works For Free.

Climbing-wise I’ve been to a few of the great places of the world. The Utah desert, Tuoulumne Meadows and Greenland are a few that stand out in terms of place and experience. I enjoy all four major disciplines of the sport – traditional leads, sport routes, bouldering, and mooching around the climbing wall on a Tuesday evening. I could tell you I have led two Gritstone E8s, and you might go Wow, but it wouldn't be give a true idea of who I am as a climber.

I’m hoping this website will be a new and different outlet for the things I do. I’m not sure what it’s going to become, and who will join in, but I’m glad you’ve got as far as reading this.

Come in!