Here’s a video i recorded during my Jam Crack Climbing Podcast interview with Johnny Dawes and Nick Dixon. They both twinkle so.

A DIY classic on the dark art of free climbing.

Here's me talking to Leni Harris after she had been to the Tommy Caldwell talk at the RGS in London. So sweet.

Comedian Ed Byrne got in touch with the BMC to find if anyone could introduce him to the art of bouldering. I got volunteered. Here's Nick Brown's film of the day.

 BMC TV information film showing James McHaffie how to pick up the end of a piece of rope.

The British Mountaineering Council wanted some sharable films to get across some ideas about how climbers behave in the countryside. I came up with this idea and directed the film, along with cameraman and editor Ben Pritchard, muse Dan Middleton and the main cat, Gus the Dog.

When I was climbing Everest I was lucky enough to discover Sie Edmund Mallory's camera, lost in 1928. When I developed the film I was surprised to find this.

My ten minutes of fame. This was me on the BBC's prime-time The One Show talking about a climb the presenter was doing. I appear after about six minutes.

Here's me hosting an on-stage launch event for the climbing history book, Peak Rock. I'm chatting with John Allen, Jerry Moffatt, Ron Fawcett and Pete Whittaker.

Another video I directed for the BMC, working with Ben Pritch and starring Michelle and Dan, about nesting restrictions for climbers.