JCPC 049 Calvin Torrans Interview

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This guy’s the don, swear to God. The Godfather of Funk of Irish climbing. A gentleman, a scholar and an acrobat. Calvin Torrans is the Source.

I very recommend you listen to this.

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JCPC 042 Steve McClure

First off we have Britain's best climber, Steve McClure - although James McHaffie keeps telling me he's the best but if he's so good how come he doesn't have more sponsors, eh? It was fab sitting down with this gnarly old character and look backwards and forwards, inside and out. He's a chilled and thoughtful dude. Check it out.

JCPC 032 John Allen

The Boss. John Allen put up most of the best routes on gritstone. In the 1970s, as a teenager, he sizzled up most of grit's coolest lines and led the charge in what was later called the Gritstone Renaissance. Then in the 1980s he upped the technical standards of the day by styling what are today's prized ticks for any boulderer and high baller.