A flash in the pan

Captain’s blog, star date 001

My first blog, on my new site. If I manage to get words out there using this medium then it will be a personal triumph and as far as I have yet come in the world of technology-wrangling. And there’s more to come.

If Pancake Tuesday has taught me one thing it’s this. Don’t expect too much of the first one out of the pan. The old advice was to throw that one away, but it has a place on the stack as much as any other.

Which is what this blog is. I’m testing the consistency, seeing how it fries. Smell the butter release. Can I flip it? Yes I can. This is the first blog and I have put this off long enough thinking I will find the right first blog and realeasing I wouldn’t so thought I’d go with what I had.

It’s clearing my throat. In writing, which I do, sometimes I think of my version of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies when it comes to advice to myself or others. A strategy I like is 'Ditch the first paragraph'.  Sometimes, if you’re not sure about yourself when you are saying something, you’ll start off by excusing the fact you’re even there there. And it spoils things a bit; just get on with it! It’s like saying:

“Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking.”

Well, unaccustomed as I am to public blogging, here’s a first post. It’s just there, so don’t be staring at it. And I hope it’s not a flash in the pan. I hope more follow, and fairly regularly. And if I do then I’ll explain what I’m looking to do and some plans I have; there are some ideas I have to run by you. So stay tuned, let’s see where this goes. The next big thing, in case you haven’t heard, is…..