JCPC 003 Tommy Caldwell; Dawn Wall Yawn Wall

Thanks to amii and becky for the pic

Thanks to amii and becky for the pic

I’m releasing Tommy Caldwell – not the way a Kyrgyz rebel might release Tommy Caldwell, but in a podcast kinda way. This was recorded at this year’s Kendal Film Festival where I lured him into a small art room and locked the door.

Tommy will be best known among climbers and people who know nothing at all about climbing, including Barack Obama, as the weedier-looking one of the two guys who were first to conquer El Capitan, by free-climbing the Dawn Wall. This was a media sensation this time in 2015, and at the time there was hardly anyone in the world who didn’t groan at yet another mention of it.

One year on, the dust has settled, and I took the chance to catch up with TC and chat with him for a while about sausages. Hope you enjoy it. Share if you do, and let me know what y’all think.

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