JCPC 032 John Allen

The Boss. John Allen put up most of the best routes on gritstone. In the 1970s, as a teenager, he sizzled up most of grit's coolest lines and led the charge in what was later called the Gritstone Renaissance. Then in the 1980s he upped the technical standards of the day by styling what are today's prized ticks for any boulderer and high baller. 

JCPC 024 Andy Parkin

Badass alpinist cat, committed artist, lovely guy Andy Parkin lays it on the line this episode. Andy is an utter legend in the mountaineering world, setting standards, walking the walk and living a life of utmost commitment which shows itself most obviously in his mountaineering approach. It's virtually impossible to find out what Andy has done - how cool is that?

JCPC 021 Alex Megos

Wilkommen, Kameraden! This week Jam Crack Podcast goes all Euro as we corner the 23-year-old German master, Alex Megos. Alex first appeared on the screen as the forst cat ever to onsight 9a. Wow-wah! Since then he's gone on to crimp and crush the world over making as many friends as admirers, with a rootsy, mellow style and smiley little face.

JCPC 020 Ben Silvestre reads Helmet Boiler

Now then, this week we have a story story Jam Crackanory for you, courtesy of Sheffield-based climber / alpinist Ben Silvestre. A lot of people have been loving Ben's look at the darker attractions of climbing on his blog and in his features on UKClimbing. In this episode he shares a couple of fairly unflincing pieces about the lure of risk, in its darkest and most terminal guise. I'm sorry but I over-rambled at the start - flip on to about 20 minutes (!) for our feature presentation.

JCPC 019 Lucy Creamer

Now then, now then, now then. This week we have for the hearing purposes in your hairy ears to enter the words spoken loud by Lucy Creamer. Lucy is one of the best female climbers the UK has ever produced and dominated in on-sighting trad, headpointing, sport climbing on-sights, redpointing, competitions, and mixed ice climbing.

JCPC 017 John Redhead

This week - big time - we have John Redhead. Badass. John put up many of the hardest leads in the UK in the early-to-mid eighties, mostly hideously dangerous wall climbs and slabs. These included Gogarth's The Bells! The Bells! The Clown, Stroke of a Fiend, The Demons of Bosch and Flower of Evil. On Cloggy he added Tormented Ejaculation, Margins of the Mind, Aothentic Desire, Shaft of a Dead Man, Rite of Spring. These were all at the top level and most have had very few ascents over their thirty-odd year history.