JCPC 017 John Redhead

Hmm. This is the third grey-bearded man in a row on the podcast. Remind me to do something about that.

This week - big time - we have John Redhead. Badass. John put up many of the hardest leads in the UK in the early-to-mid eighties, mostly hideously dangerous wall climbs and slabs. These included Gogarth's The Bells! The Bells! The Clown, Stroke of a Fiend, The Demons of Bosch and Flower of Evil. On Cloggy he added Tormented Ejaculation, Margins of the Mind, Aothentic Desire, Shaft of a Dead Man, Rite of Spring. These were all at the top level and most have had very few ascents over their thirty-odd year history.

Here's a great film about his and Johnny Dawes' experiences around the great slab on Cloggy. Can you see what I mean about wondering whether John is always taking the piss?

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