JCPC 011 The Highliners

Photo by  DoraDC

Photo by DoraDC

Wot, not about climbers! I hear you cry. No, this week we take a delve into another way to waste your time; highlining. Highling is that thing you see in Dora's photo above. If you still need it explaining then you're even thicker than me.

I caught up with a bunch of them over the Shaff weekend, and was intrigued to find out more about the sport. They were some of the UK's most committed highliners, gathered by Sheffield local, and current world-record holder, Sarah Rixham. I liked the tight-knit vibe they had and that they were involved in a still-underground sport, still free from commercialism. When I asked Sarah if she wanted me to plug any websites or anything on this podcast, she said Not Really. Nice.

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See Sarah walk the longest female highline.